Bait Al-Hikmah Foundation (BAF) strategy works to harness the leadership of youth as
agents of change & for the future of the civil state to demand accountability from duty
bearers on youth specific issues and equality, access, equity and gender responsiveness in
public services. Youth with BAF will be empowered to be able to stimulate citizen-driven
change within local communities through rising active citizenship, deepen social
cohesion, promoting human rights and fostering civic engagement.
Further, BAF works with and for youth in comprehensive to lead sustainable social
transformation within their communities through tackling all the aspects and process that
affect people’s beliefs, commitments, capabilities, and actions as members or prospective
members of communities.
Bait Al-Hikmah foundation civic education methodology is based on two main concepts:
Themed Centered Interaction (TCI) and 360 Degree of civic education. This means that
many concepts/activities will take into consideration personal attitude and (sometimes
conflicting) values which goes beyond merely focusing on data and facts which are
important but do not get them to reach motivations and visions level which built in them
permanent drive and eagerness toward comprehensive change in themselves and