About Us

Who we are ?

Bait Al-Hikmah Foundation is a youth-led organization aiming to build youth leaders capable of having an impact on decision making processes as a way to bring positive change. To achieve this, the organization focuses on developing youth’s skills on civic and political engagement within their local communities. The organization’s main areas of work are youth socioeconomic empowerment, promotion of active citizenship, provision of safe spaces, and social cohesion. The organization mainly works with youth (generally aging from 15 to 30 years old) from marginalized areas in Jordan, with a special focus on Palestinian refugee camps. As a way to ensure the effectiveness of its projects, the organization has developed a cooperation network with education institutions, local communities, non-formal groups, and other local organizations.

Making A Difference

What we do?

We work with and for youth in comprehensive to lead sustainable social transformation withintheir communities. Youth are the main focus of Bait Al-Hikmah around different thematic. BaitAl-Hikmah strategy works to foster youth socio economic empowerment, raise awarenessaround human rights and harness the leadership of youth as agents of change & for the futureof the civil state to take part in the decision making and demand accountability from dutybearers on youth specific issues and equality, access, equity and gender responsiveness in publicservices.

Youth with Bait Al-Hikmah will be empowered to be able to stimulate citizen-driven changewithin local communities through rising active citizenship, deepen social cohesion andpromoting human rights.Bait Al-Hikmah provide a youth led, sustainable, safe, friendly and enabling space which willfoster the development of young leaders through participatory approach which represent youthnetworks where young men and women can meet to engage in social work, learn new skills andmeet other young people and exchange experiences.

Where we work?

Bait Al-Hikmah foundation work within the geographical land of kingdom of Jordan. The main targeted geographical area of Bait Al-Hikmah is Rusaifah district which located in Zarqa city on the road between Amman and Zarqa. Rusaifah district counts as one of the marginalized areas in Jordan and one of Jordanian poor pocket and it contain one of the biggest Palestinian refugee camps in Jordan which known as Marka refugee camp and Hittin camp for locals.